“Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.” Plato

There’s never been a more exciting time to be in communications.


With an unprecedented number of platforms available to reach out and communicate with potential clients, guests and consumers, a strong publicity campaign should have the entire media landscape at its command. AKA Communications is a London-based discerning agency that can service every aspect of today’s complex and always evolving media. Podcasts, Twitter, news, long reads, Instagram, broadcast, events…We know every medium for your message.

AKA is a fiercely independent, fully-integrated communications agency delivering tailored public relations, marketing consultancy, powerful digital and social media management, synergistic partnerships, high profile event production, and business development advice and mentoring.

Our area of specialisation is the many facets of hospitality, AKA knows the minutiae but we also see the bigger picture. Thinking about your brand in the context of wider culture is immensely important. We employ experienced public relations strategists and creatives who are fluent in the language and culture of food, drink, travel and hospitality and understand how it impacts and is impacted by the wider  world.

We strongly believe in a non-hierarchical and inclusive culture here at AKA, we give our team the space to think creatively. AKA have unrivalled knowledge of the market, with connections to match. We know how journalists and influencers think and have extensive networks within the media and in the wider industry.

Every day here starts with us sitting round a table and sharing inspirations, information and ideas. We understand the news agenda, the industry trends, and we love exploring the ever-changing culture we serve.

At AKA we unpick every thread and nuance of our client’s stories and share them in a way that will serve both story and client best.

In short AKA is an effective, creative and results driven agency with a unique ability to think differently.


AKA. Be known.


A PR company that always get it right. They manage that rare duality of answering both the requirements of the clients they represent and the needs of journalists. I also know that they provide invaluable strategic advice to their clients. They understand the food and drink landscape in the UK and the bar and restaurant scene in London. The team has an infectiously lively spirit and it’s just one of the reasons why some of Britain's top food businesses are queuing up to hire them.


Antony has a natural and innate understanding of what makes the hospitality business tick and that translates into dynamic, personal and effective PR management and successful marketing.

Henry Harris, Harcourt Inns 

Without a doubt the team never fails to deliver - always going above and beyond our expectations and always with a very positive and creative approach. I wouldn’t be without them! 

Stuart Shaw, Marriott Hotel Group 

If AKA Communications don't know about it, it’s probably not worth knowing about at all.