Mr Fogg's

Their motto: “Follow the crowd and you will never be followed by a crowd

Inception Group is a fun, creative and dynamic company founded in 2009 by entrepreneurs Charlie Gilkes and Duncan Stirling. The company operates a group of unique bar, restaurant and club concepts in South West and central London.

Mr Fogg’s Residence

Mr Fogg’s Residence arrived in Mayfair in the summer of 2013. A recreation of the actual home of Jules Verne’s most famous adventurer, Phileas Fogg. Mr Fogg’s was the first West End project from Inception Group. Modelled on the very Mayfair house in which Phileas Fogg would have lived after travelling Around the World in 80 Days, the bar is refined but at the same time truly off-the-wall, breathing liveliness and fun into the West End. Guests are able to encounter all the wonders of the world without setting foot outside of London.

As a private man, Mr Fogg’s home is of course well hidden down a small side street off Berkeley Square thus maintaining an element of secrecy like The Inception Group’s bar, Barts, the first speakeasy to open in London in 2009.


Find Mr Fogg’s Residence:

15 Bruton Lane | Mayfair | London | W1J 6JD | 020 7036 0608

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Mr Foggs Tavern

Mr Fogg’s Tavern in Covent Garden, which opened its doors in 2016, is an ode to traditional English public house. The warm oak paneled interior is crammed with the explorers nineteenth century artifacts which adorn every inch of the walls and hang throughout the ceiling, whist the bill of fare boasts the finest roasts, tankards of ale and peculiar punches.


Find Mr Fogg’s Tavern:

58 St Martin’s Ln | London | WC2N 4EA | 020 7581 3992 |

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Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour

Accessed through a secluded side door on New Row, Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour and Salon was once the refined parlour and salon to Phileas Fogg’s beloved late aunt and acclaimed actress, Gertrude Fogg, who left her humble abode to her nephew. The Gin Parlour is home to London’s largest gin collection, consisting of more than 300 of the most unique, interesting and rare gins from all around the globe.

The immense collection is constantly being added to and features numerous brands that even the most avid gin connoisseur has yet to discover. The Gin Parlour is filled wall-to-wall with the world-class gin collection along with an impressive array of tonics and several different botanicals, lining every inch of the Victorian-inspired room.


Find Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour:

1 New Row | London | WC2N 4EA | 020 7590 3605 |

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